About Ice Cold Dyes

What is an Ice Cold Dye?

Ice Cold Dyes are not your typical tie dye. They are made using a process known as ice dyeing. One of the things that sets ice dyes apart is the organic look and feel that you get from the result. You could dye the same shirt the same way and there's always an element of not knowing how they'll come out. Many things can effect the outcome. The placement of ice, the size of the cubes, the angle of the container, even the temperature at which the ice melts. 

Each shirt is a minimum of 2 hours of work, start to finish. Even the 'simple' ones are treated with the same care and love as the most complex designs. Every shirt is washed by hand and dried before you get it, helping to ensure minimal bleed or fading. 

Who is Ice Cold Dyes? 

Ice Cold Dyes are made by Erich Pobatschnig. Erich has always been a creative person. He started playing music at age 6, and has never stopped loving it. It led to many musical projects, and even a production company. He learned to edit and produce video in college, and still does so to this day. He has produced content for multi million dollar corporations, NFL players, and his music and videos have millions of views/listens. In 2021, Erich experienced a brain trauma that led to having to take some time away from his career in marketing. He had been gifted a tie dye kit and decided to give it a shot. The results were... not good. But within a few months he had discovered a way to work with ice to give him the results he was happy with. What started as a hobby, soon turned into a demand. There are phases where creativity strikes and new designs are born, and you'll be able to follow the journey by following Ice Cold Dyes on social media.

Ice Cold Dyes aren't just another shirt. They are a hand-made piece of art containing elements of life, and truly are a form of expression, not only for the person wearing it, but for Erich himself. One of the goals of his work is to make tie dye for people that don't wear tie dye.