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Ice Cold Dyes

Brown Splatter Watercolor Boognish - XL Ice Dyed Ween Shirt

Brown Splatter Watercolor Boognish - XL Ice Dyed Ween Shirt

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Sometimes I will screenprint onto shirts and test methods to see what comes of it. This one yielded a result that resembles a watercolor graphic. I thought it would work perfectly with a nice brown explosion with a yellow center. Both the front and back have a lot going on. This is one brown shirt! You'll love it in your Ween related collection. Dyed by hand on durable 6.1oz cotton. 



All shirts are 100% cotton. Hoodies are a minumum of 80% cotton.

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Most items purchased are shipped within one business day. Made to Order items may take up to 3 weeks to ship, depending on what is on hand. Returns are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Care Instructions

Wear more, wash less. When you do wash, it's best to use cold water and air dry. All dyes are prewashed and shouldn't fade, but doing this will preserve the integrity of the material longer. If you tumble dry, use a low-medium setting.

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